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Nicola McFadden



Nicola is a highly-rated international business strategist, management consultant and transformational leader. She is well respected for her thought leadership as she consistently inspires others with innovative insights and creative solutions to facilitate a paradigm shift. Everyone who has experienced Nicola's passion, strategic execution, emotional intelligence, brilliance, and talent can attest to her exceptional ability to deliver the objectives, lead by example, and challenge her team to grow personally and professionally.  

Nicola has successfully demonstrated the wisdom, knowledge, and expertise to plan, implement and lead global enterprise-wide business transformation initiatives enabled by technology. She leverages industry best practices in project management (PMP), organizational change management (Lean Six Sigma, CMMI, PROSCI ADKAR), and  IT Service Management (ITIL, Cobit).




Nicola has over 20 years progressive experience as a Management Consultant, successfully demonstrating her well-developed technological, financial, political and business acumen. She possesses the unique capabilities to provide innovative solutions from concept to market, then to end-of-life. She often leads in complex, multi-product, multi-channel, multi-vendor business environments where local decisions often have global implications. 

As an International  Business Strategist, Nicola is renown for solving business ambiguous, complex supply chain networks and challenging business problems. Nicola has transformed global organizations, leaders,  teams, and processes using industry best practices (Lean, Six Sigma, ITIL, PMP, ISO) and enabled by technology.

Nicola is an expert at planning and executing mission-critical business transformation initiatives distinguished by triple-digit revenue gains cost savings, cost avoidance and income generation to yield profitability objectives despite facing a rapidly fluctuating global economy.

Nicola is known as a thought leader with a solid track record of delivering results that have a direct impact on the organization’s bottom line, market share, brand value, products/services, quality, and employee engagement. She helps organizations to exceed targets in performance, productivity, profitability and sustainability.



Nicola is an experienced and authentic Transformational Leader, Change Agent, and Problem Solver. She has exceptional people skills, emotional intelligence, and business acumen in diversified cultures, multiple industries, and organizational complexities. Nicola successfully leads individuals, leaders, teams and organizations to accept and grow through significant changes. She defines and delivers Change Management at the Individual, Organizational/Initiative, and the Enterprise level; overcoming the barriers to change, managing the adoption and accelerating the change. 

Nicola challenges the status quo to identify and implement creative and innovative solutions to address business, relationship, leadership  and social concerns. To every challenge, she brings energy, passion, hope, inspiration and enthusiasm with a focus on successful, timely and focused execution; delivering high-quality innovative solutions to yield satisfaction and positive turnaround.

Nicola delivers Transforming Leadership pillar through mentoring, coaching, facilitation and training; transforming the leaders and the business to be future ready. She supports the business client, developing their leadership and organizational capabilities. She creates transformational leaders to lead change successfully, inspire followers, operate and turn their business into a world class organization. 

She engages and encourages each client to uncover their purpose and identity. She equips, educates, nurtures and develops their transformational leadership skills for improved performance and successes to attain business excellence. She empowers, energizes and elevates others to pioneer innovative opportunities. She positively impacts society with the intentional focus of leaving a mark behind, a social impact, something that outlasts and outlives us... Thereby transforming life, leaders and business!



    As an experienced Transformational Leader, Nicola actively demonstrates Bass three moral aspects of transformational leadership:

    • Her moral character and integrity as a Christian.
    • Her founded company, Nikimac, its vision, the services and programs are grounded in her ethical value, philosophy and belief (which are either rejected or embraced by followers).
    • Her intentional goal is to invest her time and resources in transforming lives and communities through love, faith, spirituality, inspirational motivation, and personal empowerment. Nicola passionately pursue her purpose to making others better - feel better, live better, do better; thereby inspiring them to overcome setbacks and maximize their potential. 

    Nicola is seeking to bring her transformational and change management capabilities into the lives of people; by mentoring, coaching and empowering the individual to wellness (mind, soul, body). Maximizing individual potential and challenging their performance by empowering them through paradigm shifts, business evolutions, life transitions, social challenges, or other significant changes and setbacks.

    Nicola offers her excellence and passion under  Nikimac Life Transformation and Personal Empowerment pillar; services include Life Coaching, Business Mentoring, Facilitation and Training, Inspirational Devotion Blogs, Motivation Speaking Engagements, Events and Social Enterprise solutions. She also partners with other experts to support individuals to financial, physical, intellectual, mental, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual wellness.




    Here are only a few of the many recommendations from Nicola's clients and peers.

    It is such a pleasure to work with you, Nicola and you are a true inspiration not only on the professional/ project level but looking at the complete picture of how you live your life. I am grateful for your advice in creating presentations. For the strategy and planning when my sight was clouded by the vastness of the task.

    Even more importantly, I am so thankful that you are standing with me in this turbulent time of my life. For your encouragement, messages, prayers, and a lot more. Honestly, I thank God for you. Surely, He had a good plan when He prepared this project. Glory to God!
    — Annamaria Gilicze
    Nicola, you are a true inspiration! You live your life based on your very own kind of standards and that motivates your loved ones to achieve top performances. Personally and professionally you stick to your credo and don't let anyone or anything throw you off course. You live life on the fast lane and everyone admires you for that!

    Nicola, you are a true inspiration! You live your life based on your very own kind of standards and that motivates your loved ones to achieve top performances. Personally and professionally you stick to your credo and don't let anyone or anything throw you off course. You live life on the fast lane and everyone admires you for that!

    Nicola is a knowledgeable, results driven leader who delivers value to an organization. She is effective at sharing a vision that influences the people around her to do great things. I had the pleasure of having Nicola as a manager. She allowed her staff to own and lead the team while being available to provide support and mentoring. Nicola sincerely cared about the success and well being of people. She encouraged you to develop personally and professionally and led by example.
    — Jacquie Forbes
    I have worked with Nicola on several global projects. She always showed a great balance between business execution and strategic thinking in terms of the way forward. She is very committed and reliable in the initiatives that she is driving. Nicola is definately someone that I enjoy working with.
    — Alex Boussetta, P.Eng, M.Eng., MBB, PMP, SMC
    I had the pleasure to work for Nicola and was always impressed by her dedication and ability to work with a lot of energy. She is a highly motivated and dynamic professional. She directed a team of highly skilled Project Managers and Business System Analysts and demonstrated strategic leadership. She showed a lot of faith in her team and was very much supportive of career growth of her subordinates. I have no doubt that Nicola will scale greater heights
    — Mangesh Vingkar, PMP
    It was one of my greatest pleasure in my professional life of 20 years to have been able to work with Nicola. I have seldom come across such a person to have a holistic view of one’s own role and others too. She provided me the required leadership,when needed, allowing me to overcome obstacles, and become successful in a new organization. Even on a personal basis, she offered everyone around her advice and guidance. She is extremely organized, focussed and has great leadership quality while being still able to strike a great friendship with all around her.
    — Sandeep Kundu
    Nicola is a strong leader and extremely knowledgeable to resolve complex business problems via Six Sigma/Lean Mfg/PMI methodology. She is result oriented and able to bring the best from her team. She makes her team feel valuable as well, getting the full synergy of a team. She is not only your leader but also your colleague in the action to build a winning team. It has been a privilege for me to work with Nicola. One of the best managers, I have seen so far.
    — Aniruddha (Ani) Roy,PMP


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