Beloved... Welcome to a new day... a new month... fresh anointing... a new beginning... 

Abba, Heavenly Father, I commit the month of November to You. I pray for God's divine intervention, divine protection, divine security and divine victory.

I declare that it's time for me to forget the past, forget the mistakes, and focus on what you are doing in my life today. I know you are doing a new thing. Abba, You are placing the right people in my life and removing the wrong ones. Abba, You are closing old doors and preparing me for new opportunities. The pruning process can be uncomfortable and painful, but I know it's for my good. I trust You, Abba, My Father! I establish the mighty presence of God in my life throughout the remaining of this year. 

God's Word tells us that once the presence of God was established, David actually took the stronghold of the Philistines.... And the Lord gave victory to David wherever he went. (2 Samuel 8:6b)

In the name of Jesus, I dwell in the presence of God and I will take hold of that which is leading me, and instead of being led, I will lead forth in God's purposes... and the Lord shall give me supernatural victory in everything I do and everywhere He leads me, through the remaining of this year. I declare that I shall finish 2017 strong and start 2018 even stronger, in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!!!