Nikimac  supports clients to develop their transformational leadership capabilities and skills.

What is Transformational Leadership?

Transformational Leadership is defined as a leadership approach that results in the transformation of the individuals, organizations and social systems. Transformation leaders cause positive and valuable impact in followers; transforming the followers into leaders. Authentic transformational leadership enhances their followers and their performance through inspiration, motivation, and morale.

Transformational Leaders inspire and influence followers, teams, and others to build cohesive high-performance teams, working together to

  • Implement innovative and creative ideas
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Remain nimble, adaptable and flexible
  • Nurture critical relationships
  • Garner success through partnership to achieve future vision 

Bass Transformational Leadership Theory emphasizes the importance of leaders to cultivate relationships; gaining the trust, admiration and respect of the people whom they are blessed to lead. Bass outlined three ways for leaders to transform their followers and teams:

  • Provide clear communication to improve the awareness of the organization purpose, the importance and relevance of the project, change or task. 
  • Engage the followers by building trust, understanding and supporting them at the individual level, their personal and professional goals; inspiring and influencing the followers to align their interest with the organization goals and objectives; ultimately building cohesive high-performance teams.
  • Make the followers higher-order needs happen. 

Recently, Bass emphasized that genuine and sincere Transformational Leadership is planted and deeply rooted in moral principles. Bass provided four moral foundational elements for Transformational Leadership:

  • Individualized consideration
  • Inspirational motivation
  • Idealized influence
  • Intellectual stimulation

Nikimac PILL, Transforming Leaders Framework  

Nikimac utilizes the Nikimac PILL, Transforming Leaders Framework as the approach to develop the leaders with Transformational Leadership skills.  Nikimac PILL provides the framework to mentor, coach, educate, facilitate, and develop the clients and their transformational leadership skills.  Transforming individuals into leaders, who inspire followers, empower others, influence changes, and implement innovation for the organization to attain a future-ready vision; creating a legacy beyond the walls of the organization for the next generation. 

Figure A: Nikimac PILL, Transforming Leaders Framework

Figure A: Nikimac PILL, Transforming Leaders Framework




Each of us, as an individual is uniquely created, as a smart and talented masterpiece; with creativity, dominion and authority to lead, build and innovate. When we are motivated, we are set up to be fruitful and multiply our talents, skills, natural aptitudes and gifts. As humans, we are not created to survive this life merely but to thrive, to be the best and fulfill the very purpose of our creation. 

Eleanor Roosevelt, once said, “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

Nikimac genuinely focuses on each client to engage them an individual. Intentionally mentoring, coaching, and inspiring them to discover their purpose. Nikimac then empowers each person to take ownership and walk in their purpose with grace, excellence, resilience, courage, hope, and honour; growing abundantly both personally and professionally.

Nikimac also helps the organization to communicate the vision, it's purpose, the importance of the change, the goals and future aspirations. Nikimac inspires and influences the leaders and their teams to be passionate about the achievements of their unique purpose in alignment with the purpose of organization; thereby becoming purpose-driven

Very few people or companies can clearly articulate WHY they do WHAT they do. By WHY I mean your purpose, cause or belief - WHY does your company exist? WHY do you get out of bed every morning? And WHY should anyone care?
— Simon Sinek

Nikimac leads by example, displaying the attributes of an authentic transformational leader; focuses on nurturing each client individually, building real trust, giving genuine care to cultivate strategic relationships and supporting their needs.


When people  uncover their purpose, they are empowered to define an identity of who they are, why they are where they find themselves, and what are their aspirations for the future; personally and professionally.  Having a sense of purpose and clear articulation of their identity allows the client, as an individual, to establish goals by maximizing their potential, transforming their self-image, self-value, self-worth in alignment with future expectations. Nikimac works with the client to uncover their individual purpose and develop their leadership identity; engaging them to establish goals and empowering them to achieve these goals.

Nikimac will also work with the individual to develop an understanding  of the organization mission. Providing an awareness of what they are working towards, how their contributions impact the big picture, the bottom line, and organization's future direction. This helps to establish alignment, fit and ground their leadership identity development. (See Figure B below)

Figure B: Grounded View of Leadership Identity Development Source:  Leadership Identity Development: Challenges in Applying a Developmental Model

Figure B: Grounded View of Leadership Identity Development

Source:  Leadership Identity Development: Challenges in Applying a Developmental Model


The aim is to get the person engaged, empowered and to believe in the organization, the future strategic direction and the management; defining their leadership identity, association, values, personal and professional goals connection with the organizational mission and future aspirations. Once engaged, Nikimac:

  • Encourages and supports the individual through setback or conflicts or changes.
  • Equips and educates the person with the resources, processes, and tools to develop the competencies and capabilities required to meet the established personal, professional and organizational goals.
  • Empowers and energizes the individual to attain and align their personal and professional, becoming purpose-driven, motivated, loyal, innovative problem solvers; caring about the growth, well-being of the organization.
  • Elevates, celebrates and supports the person through continuous development and learning towards achieving the organizational goals and attainment of the defined future-ready vision 





Leadership is the ability to influence followers positively. Leadership is not just a position or a title; within each of us are the capabilities to lead. The individual is mentored to establish the purpose of themselves, gain an awareness of the purpose and importance of the organization and the change/task. They are equipped to uncover their leadership identity as an individual, make the association and connection with their goals to the organizational vision. The person is empowered to take their natural role as a leader and educated to master the transformational leadership skills.

Nikimac will transform the organization by influencing the senior management, to develop Reward Programs. Nikimac will challenge the existing organizational culture and leadership to reward and recognize Transformation Leaders as Role Models, as they demonstrate integrity, honesty, the desired leadership characters, their positive impact on others, record-breaking performance and contribution to organization goals in the attainment of  the future-ready vision.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
— Simon Sinek

The aim is empower the individual in being recognized as a leader of integrity, displaying authentic transformational leadership attributes and actions; gaining the trust and respect of their teams to achieve the organization's goals. Nikimac mentors, coaches and develops each person to improve their Transformational Leadership capabilities and competencies in alignment with the new organizational culture. These new transformational leaders are transparent, lead by example, and influence positive changes in themselves, their followers, their teams, others, the workplace, the community, and the world.

“The primary role as a leader is to help others, their followers, the teams, the organization, and ultimately society to become better.” — Nicola McFadden, Nikimac PILL, Transforming Leaders Framework

Nikimac will equip and educate each client with the training, resources, processes, tools, and required to excel. Nikimac will also encourage, empower, energize and elevate the individual as an influential transformational leader to develop their followers and create high-performance cohesive teams.


Authentic transformational leaders build something that outlives and outlasts them; leaving their mark behind.  They are transforming themselves, empowering and elevating their followers to become future leaders, developing high-performance teams, and world-class organizations.
— Nicola McFadden, Nikimac
All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.
— Jim Rohn
Nikimac coaches the client to building a legacy for the future generation and taking public responsibility; contributing to innovative ideas or brainstorming concepts for new services/products, and/or volunteering to programs that are positively impacting economic, societal and environmental concerns. Nikimac mentors each client to become renown Transformational Leaders of  Excellence; empowered and elevated to pioneer changes and blaze new trails. These new Transformational Leaders take the initiative to lead innovative projects, processes, and capabilities within the organization as well as leave a mark beyond the walls of the organization:
  • They are results oriented, customer focused, influential leaders of integrity with the constancy of purpose,
  • They manage by processes, metrics and facts, and are determined to develop and involve people. 
  • They are continuous learners, leading innovations and improvements.
  • They champion and partner in new development and changes, and take public responsibility. 

Impressive right! 

The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.
— Benjamin Disraeli

The future organization is challenged to recognize efforts and reward results of the contributions of these new breed of transformational leaders and the positive impact they will make on the future organization. They are being empowered to transform the organizational culture, actualize the goals of organizational excellence, and create a legacy beyond the walls of the organization for the next generation.


Why Nikimac?

We are Transformational Leaders... transforming others!

Why Nicola and Nikimac PILL?

Nicola has gained tremendous successes leveraging the Nikimac PILL, Transforming Leaders Framework, including to:

  • Mentor, coach, facilitate, train, and develop each business client-  transforming life, transforming leadership, transforming business!
  • Develop transformational leaders, who inspire, challenges, engages, transforms, and aligns followers to the organizational goals.
  • Transform Corporate and Entrepreneurial Leadership to be trusted, admirable, loyal and respected.
  • Accelerate and embrace change to be future-ready, attain Business Excellence and create world-class organization.
  • Create a legacy for future generations by positively impacting the community, society and the world with creative solutions, new business ventures, products, processes and services.

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