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We help organizations through Transformative Change, minimizing the disruption to their business operations threaten by the paradigm shifts of innovative technologies and digitization. These variations are driving rapid changes, complex and volatile business environments, increased competitions and the need for organizational agility. Nikimac brings an agile transformational approach to address the changing requirements and new digital demands of customers, leaders, employees, supply chain partners, and other stakeholders; in government, corporations and entrepreneurial organizations. 

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Nikimac has a talented team of Certified Professionals, Specialists in Lean Six Sigma, CCMP, ADKAR, ITIL, COBIT, TOGAF, CMMI, ISO, PMP, CSCP, SDLC (agile and waterfall), and Digital Strategists (customer experience, web content management and omnichannel marketing).


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Structured Diagnostics. We leverage industry’s best practices, rigorous diagnostics, and data-driven methodologies as well as exploit the wisdom of subject matter experts. We do all the research that is necessary to be done to define what the future state vision will be, measure and assess the current situation then analyze to uncover the opportunities for improvement; locally and globally.

Gap Analysis. We analyze the business issues, pain points, process inefficiencies, the voice of the customers (VOC), requirements and other data collected to uncover root causes.We create a plan to address the gaps, assess the change impact and prioritize the improvement, innovation, or re-engineering opportunities.

Breakthrough Strategies. We uncover creative ideas that drive innovative solutions and digital strategies which are more aligned with your vision and fit seamlessly into your organization, delight customers, and ultimately more successful than the best practice alternatives. We envision and realize breakthrough results that are more relevant and readily adopted.

Best-Fit  Solutions. We define and design "best fit" solutions, and deliver the maturity model, road-map, implementation plan, and organizational change management, customer experience management and digital content marketing tactics to solve your business problem. We satisfy the specific needs and achieve the objectives of the envisioned future state objectives.  

Project Implementation. We shape and implement agile initiatives to enable technology, enhance performance, improve capabilities, gain operational efficiency, optimize the multi-channel customer's experience, and drive behavioural changes to yield faster outcomes and more significant returns for our clients.

Change Delivery. We initiate actions to enable the Change; planning, inspiring stakeholder buy-in, and deploying the plans. While being nimble to the Change factors, reinforcing the Change and making it “stick” and yielding the benefits of the the Change.

Value Realization.  Our creative thinking, nurturing partnership-model, formal methodologies, and agile approach allows you to accurately measure, quickly respond, and reduce the time to realize and optimize the benefits comprehended from your investments in IT innovation, digital transformation, process excellence, and organizational change.

Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.
— Dwight D. Eisenhower

Let us navigate you through the challenges, ambiguity and complexities of Transformative Change.