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Our Story

We help individuals and organizations to navigate through the ambiguity and complexity of Change to achieve breakthrough improvements and success in business, leadership and life.


Our Story

We help individuals and organizations to navigate through the ambiguity and complexity of Change to achieve breakthrough improvements and success in business, leadership and life.


We are helping you to navigate through the ambiguity and complexity of Change while minimizing disruption in your business, leadership and life. We engage, equip and empower organizations, teams and individuals to grow, learn and adapt during Change.

We transform organizational culture by creating an innovative congruent strategy to achieve your envisioned future state - engaged employees, high-performance teams, and world-class organizations.

The only constant in life is change!
— Heraclitus

Nikimac was founded on November 20, 2011, with a simple vision: to offer business consulting services to organizations.  However, over time, it continues to evolve and creatively expand to blaze new trails and pioneer breakthrough solutions.

Today, we are leading paradigm shifts in Business Transformation, Leadership Transformation and Life Transformation; thereby developing life-long learners.

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We anchor our approach on three pillars for transformational success


Transforming Business

We help transformational Leaders to institutionalize their powerful Vision for Change, optimizing the performance, productivity and profitability of the organizations and teams; radically transforming the culture, people, processes and technology.


Transforming Leaders

We develop followers into leaders and leaders in agents of transformation, who are making a difference in people’s lives; investing, inspiring, impacting and influencing people in Change; regardless of their position or title. They pioneer and drive paradigm shifts.


Transforming Life

Change begins from within; rewiring the way you think and act. Real transformation is only possible and sustainable by renewing your mindset - positively changing your perception, emotions, attitude, thoughts, belief, personality, behaviour and relationships.


Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Business Transformation is the radical change organizations require to yield quantum leaps in quality, customer experience, performance, productivity, employee engagement and profitability.

We help organizations through Transformative Change, minimizing the disruption to their business operations threaten by the paradigm shifts of innovative technologies and digitization. These variations are driving rapid changes, complex and volatile business environments, increased competitions and the need for organizational agility. Nikimac brings an agile transformational approach to address the changing requirements and new digital demands of customers, leaders, employees, supply chain partners, and other stakeholders; in government, corporations and entrepreneurial organizations.

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We utilize a structured, integrated and data-driven yet nimble framework for Business Transformation to achieve Organizational Excellence with best practices in Lean Six Sigma, Project Management and Change Management disciplines. These best practices and methodologies remove the guesswork; taking a confident approach with our clients to:

  • conduct data-driven diagnostics to assess the current state, define the future state, and analyze the talent and process gaps

  • design and deliver the Transformation Strategy, Governance and Roadmap

  • manage and execute the Portfolio of innovative products and improvement projects

  • improve and implement processes enabled by Technology

  • engage, encourage, equip and empower the culture and people to gain buy-in, adoption and commitment to the Change

Our Business Transformation Integrated Approach

Throughout the business evolution cycle our unique, effective and structured approach to Business Transformation supports our clients to diagnose the issues impacting their business, define the problem and desired outcome, design and deploy the “right-fit” solution and talents to deliver the value and achieve their business goals.

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Leadership Transformation

Leadership Transformation

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.
— Peter Drucker

Unfortunately, many organizations are failing because of lack of continuous development of their leadership.

Leaders must become lifelong learners and agents of transformation to ignite, inspire and influence their people in Change, create high-performance teams, and innovative, world-class organizations of excellence.

today, we challenge you as a leader…

How will you adapt to lead modern organizations that are rapidly evolving?

How do you inspire engaged employees to become your greatest advocates and ambassadors of your workplace, brand, products and services?

How will you position yourself, your teams and your organization to exploit the opportunities of the disruptive technology era and its emerging markets?


Organizations, leadership and individual lives are being disrupted by the accelerated pace and scale of technological changes.

For leaders, these changes result in the disruption of the status quo and have impacts on the fundamental organizational model, people and culture, market share, market position, and capital allocation. There is a driving need to adapt and evolve business strategies that are enabled by technology quickly and more efficiently. 

Leaders must establish the appropriate approach to invest in new initiatives and innovative solutions that would catapult growth and mitigate the risk of future business disruption.  However, change is difficult and painful. Leaders need to be equipped, empowered, and educated to develop Transformational Leadership skills to implement innovation, inspire followers, and influence change successfully. This new era requires a new breed of leaders, who lead from the heart as well as their heads, with wisdom, creativity, compassion, and empathy. Our Leadership Transformation services are designed to equip and empower leaders for the future.

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.
— Bill Gates
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Life Transformation

Life Transformation

Often, we forget that empowered people drive effective leadership, high-performance teams and organizational excellence.

The pace of change that organizations are experiencing, the paradigm shift caused by digitization, organizational agility, increased competition, innovation, and globalization are all forcing a greater dependency on cross-functional agile delivery teams and exceptional employee experience throughout the customer journey.

There is now a greater focus on strategic partnerships, critical relationships, lean processes and agile operations. Additionally, work-life balance and workplace wellness have become an aggressively sought goal in many people’s careers and definition of success. 

No longer can the Organizational Development strategy not focus on life transformation as a key component of human capital and employee experience tactics.

Purpose-driven organizations, with an active corporate responsibility mandate, and a vested and genuine interest in people’s well-being and customer value, are the ones, who thrive and remain competitive.

They will consistently…

  • retain and develop talented, engaged, and productive employees;

  • attract and are more favoured for investments;

  • have more loyal, lifetime customers.

These corporations build and nurture a trusted culture that is creative, with people-focused leadership, family-friendly workplace, and embrace change and innovation.

Why; because they understand that people are the cornerstone of their business success and therefore, investment in their happiness at work has a positive impact on the existence of their organization performance, productivity and profitability in a rapidly evolving future.