Change is inevitable for the survival of future organizations! Advancements through the enablement of evolving technology and the emerging trends in digitization are imminent and drastically transforming business, leadership and life. The pace and scale of change are accelerating with the emerging trends in machine learning, blockchain technology, cloud technology, big data, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence. This Change is driving immediate and radical transformation in Health, Retail Sales, Banking, Food and Beverage, Education and the Supply Chain; impacting both the private and public sectors. But as a leader, are you embracing this model shift? Is your leadership team, organizational culture, or corporate strategy future-ready to pioneer breakthrough innovations and be leading-edge or will you be left-behind or left-out?  

For leaders, these changes result in disruption of the status quo and have impacts on the fundamental business model, market share, market position, and capital allocation. There is a driving need to adapt and evolve business strategies that are enabled by technology quickly and more efficiently.  Leaders must establish the appropriate strategies to invest in new initiatives and innovative solutions that would catapult growth and mitigate the risk of future business disruption.  But change is difficult and painful. Leaders need to be equipped, empowered, and educated to develop Transformational Leadership skills to successfully implement innovation, inspire followers, and influence change.