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Transforming Life…


Often, we forget that empowered people drive organizational excellence, effective leadership, and high-performance teams, as well as influence stability in families and inspire prosperous communities. People need to be refreshed and re-energized to overcome negative impacts; personally, professionally, and socially. 

The pace of change that organizations are experiencing, the paradigm shift caused by digitization, organizational agility, increased competition, innovation, and globalization are all forcing a greater dependency on cross-functional agile delivery teams. There is now a greater focus on partnerships, nurturing critical relationships and reduction in the bureaucracy of processes. Also, aggressively are the change transitions in each personal lives. 

Both organizationally and individually, there should be greater emphasis on individual change management and personal empowerment. Empowered individuals have increased capacity to think, learn, deliver, and work more efficiently with others. They work better in teams, with more confidence, and are more resilient and adaptive to drive and overcome changes. 

We believe that organizations that take a vested interest in the individual change management and mental wellness of their employees and leaders will experience higher employee engagement, leadership, productivity, organizational alignment, and operational excellence.

We believe that individuals who invest in themselves will experience the power and life transformation they need to grow and undertake more significant exploits. 


Change is inevitable for the survival of every individual, leaders or future organization!

Change begins, centers and ends with people. There is no real transformation unless as individuals, you have anchored your faith, renewed your mind, and become a life-long learner of how to continuously improve, use and monetize your gifts, experiences, skills and talents.

Nikimac’s Life transformation services yields phenomenal success; transforming your mindset, skillset and toolset for increased impact, income and influence!

  • Mindset: How do you see, perceive and view yourself and your circumstances? What are your beliefs, values and way of thinking that determine your behaviour, emotions and outlook? What drives how you will interpret situations and respond in relationships?

  • Skillset: How do you act and behave based on your capabilities, competencies, and capacity? What is the basis of your wisdom and thought leadership - your knowledge, revelation and understanding? What are the driving forces and motivating factors for your inspiration and aspiration? How can you develop and put your abilities, skills, experience expertise, gifts and talents to work; positively impacting and influencing your mindset?

  • Toolset: What methods do you use to develop your skills, maximize your potential to gain accomplishments and fulfill your purpose? What are the techniques, training, approaches, resources and processes that are available to you to create value and excellence?


Life Transformation Services


Learning & Development

Our training is delivered in classroom, self-paced or blended by experienced trainers, mentors, teachers and consultants.


Rebound Faith: Chayah!

A spiritual empowerment & life bestselling book series transformation for individuals, empowerment group, leader and life coach.


Mastermind Cafe

A mastermind group with a difference. CAFE - Coaching, Accountability, Faith & Education to empower and transform you to achieve your full potential.


Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

U Power Up is a women empowerment and entrepreneurship movement supporting ambitious women to design live and lead their best life.