Transforming Leaders


Transforming Leaders

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Transforming Leaders...

Organizations, leadership and individual lives are being disrupted by the accelerated pace and scale of technological changes. Evolution in technology and digitization are causing paradigms shifts in various industries, such as Government, Financial, Insurance and Banking, Media and Entertainment, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Food and Beverage, Education and Supply Chain. Those businesses and leaders that fail to recognize and respond to these emerging trends and innovations rapidly are going to be left behind or entirely left out. 

For leaders, these changes result in disruption of the status quo and have impacts on the fundamental business model, market share, market position, and capital allocation. There is a driving need to adapt and evolve business strategies that are enabled by technology quickly and more efficiently.  Leaders must establish the appropriate strategies to invest in new initiatives and innovative solutions that would catapult growth and mitigate the risk of future business disruption.  But change is difficult and painful. Leaders need to be equipped, empowered, and educated to develop Transformational Leadership skills to successfully implement innovation, inspire followers, and influence change.


Transformational Leadership Development

Transformational Leadership Development

Pace and Scale of Change are Accelerating... But, as a Leader are you future-ready?


As a leader, are you educated, equipped and empowered for the future?

A future-ready Transformation Strategy requires a well-defined vision, describing the burning platform, driving the need for change, the assessment of the risks of not changing; as well as tactics to influence the buy-in and to reinforce the benefits realization such as productivity, profitability, positioning, and performance, in addition to corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals.

Future-ready organizations intentionally focus on their Transformation Strategy, Roadmap, and Governance in alignment with their Corporate strategy to appropriately and timely transform their people, process and technology.

Nikimac prepares clients with an intentional focus to develop their transformational leadership approach that results in the transformation of the individual, organization, and social system.

Transformational leaders cause positive and valuable impact in followers; transforming the followers into leaders; positively inspiring, impacting and influencing change in the…

  • Teams, structures, and systems

  • Organizational culture, capabilities, and capacity

  • Delivery models for products, services, technology, and corporate social innovative solutions

It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more dangerous to conduct, nor more doubtful in its success, than an attempt to introduce innovations. For the leader in the introduction of changes will have for his enemies all those who are well off under the existing order of things and only lukewarm supporters in those who might be better off under the new.
— Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince and The Discourses

This rapid evolution and technological era demands a New Generation of Leaders to achieve Business Excellence by:

  • Inspiring others by being good role models; influencing their conduct, competencies and character

  • Building high-performance cohesive teams 

  • Creating the right organization culture, capacity and capabilities

  • Cultivating creative ideas and solutions to gain competitive advantages and increasing the bottom line

  • Engaging and executing social innovative programs to drive environmental and social impact

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
— Simon Sinek

The PILL, Transforming Leaders Framework  

Leadership is the ability to influence followers positively. It is not just a position or a title; within each of us are the capabilities to lead. The individual is mentored to establish the purpose of his or herself, gain an awareness of the mission, and importance of the organization and the change/task. They are equipped to uncover their leadership identity as an individual, make the association, and connect with their goals to the organizational vision. The person is empowered to take their natural role as a leader and educated to master transformational leadership skills.

In her recent keynote, "Igniting Leaders for Innovative Disruptions," Nicola McFadden, shared true stories about leadership, the growing opportunity for organizations to invest in leadership development. Leadership transformation should never be optional but at the highest priority of every organization. The constituencies of poor leadership are all too distinct, too memorable and way too expensive. Poor leaders negatively impact the organization’s bottom-line, performance and quality; customer experience; employee engagement, morale, loyalty, and trust. Continuously developing your leaders is a must have, a mandatory requirement for the success and survival of your company.

Nicola introduced the “PILL as a remedy” to help organizations to develop and transform leaders. The PILL focuses on empowering each leader as an individual, gaining organizational alignment within the leadership team, as well as converting the leaders in having an impact on inspiring and influencing followers, millennial and future generation.

The PILL presents four essential elements of transforming leaders.

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Authentic transformational leaders build something that outlives and outlasts them; leading with integrity and compassion; leaving their mark behind. They are transforming themselves, empowering and elevating their followers to become future leaders, developing high-performance teams, and world-class organizations. They are seeds and you will know them by their fruits!
— Nicola McFadden

Entrepreneur Empowerment

Entrepreneur Empowerment

Entrepreneur Empowerment



Nikimac has partnered, co-founded and pioneered a Global Business Transformation and Entrepreneur Empowerment movement, Legends and Legacy.

Events – Our events offer strong educational content, innovative disruption conversations and creative thinking panel discussions, relationship building, leadership development, and excellent networking opportunities; bringing together wisdom leaders, Legends in the community, business, faith and entrepreneurship to connect leaving a Legacy of inspiration, encouragement, motivation, innovation, learning and collaboration to the attendees; discussing practical solutions and relevant research on a range of issues for transformation in business, leadership and life.  

Community – Nurture the relationships, beyond the events, join the Business Hub (access to the free business directory portal of entrepreneurs and small/medium business owners). We exchange business referrals, engage in networking opportunities, discuss and resolve business issues, build recognition with reviews and recommendations on each other’s brand. 

Learning – Inspire life long learners in the continuous pursuit of knowledge for personal or professional reasons through the Learning Hub, with a collaboration of coaches, mentors, trainers, authors, speakers and facilitators, access to online and off-line educational opportunities.  

Services – Provide members access to entrepreneurial tools and resources, Business Consultants and Digital Strategists to grow your business; enabling Change and embracing disruptive innovation, using an affordable membership monthly subscription model.  

Legends and Legacy is seeking to gain a critical mass of entrepreneurial leaders, creative and innovative thinkers, who are excited about something new; having a passion and a long-term vision about leaving a legacy. A community where dreams can become destiny; a paradigm shift and renewed mindset to lead with empathy, kindness and compassion; a determination and passion for succeeding and helping to position others for their purpose, no matter where you are in the journey. A commitment to help, give back and receive, as well as to participate in the activities and events to engage, empower, equip and enable others in the actual act of entrepreneurship. 


Training and Facilitation

Training and Facilitation

Nikimac offers and facilitates various customized Mastermind, Personal and Professional Development, Training, and other Educational opportunities to Corporations, Governments, Entrepreneurs and Faith-based organizations; targeting

  • Individuals

  • Leaders

  • Groups

  • Events with Speakers for Educational Keynotes and Panel Discussions

Let us discuss your needs for you to enjoy the flexibility and agility of our comprehensive blended-learning yet practical and applicable learning opportunities to meet your requirements, budget, timing, talent gaps and vision.

Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.
— Bill Bradley

At Nikimac, we are here to partner with you to embrace this Transformational and Technological era.  We lead with authenticity, integrity, empathy and compassion to inspire, ignite and influence you and your team to phenomenal success.


Mentoring and Coaching



Mentoring and Coaching




Mentoring and Coaching Leaders

At Nikimac, we are ready to mentor you and coach your leaders to demonstrate authentic transformational leadership skills:

  • Enhance the followers' performance through inspiration, motivation, and morale

  • Build high performing cohesive teams that are purpose-driven and committed to achieving the organization’s mission

The primary role as a leader is to help others, inspire followers, influence teams, ignite organizations to excellence, and ultimately impacting society; all to become better than before your encounter!
— Nicola McFadden

The Eight E’s of Mentoring and Coaching

  1. Engage. Show you that we genuinely care, serve, support, and help to understand the current situation and expectations.

  2. Encourage. Communicate respectfully and effectively, and to motivate you to overcome setbacks and overwhelming experiences. 

  3. Educate. Impart knowledge, education, training and information to cause an awareness, increasing your desire to change, learn new skills to develop personally and professionally.

  4. Equip. Provide you with the tools, resources, strategies and techniques to enable the learning, understanding and application; having a renewed mindset, skill set and toolset; equipping your ability for the Change.

  5. Empower. Release negative energy and provide positive affirmations for you to embrace the Change, new attitude, outlook and behaviour; owning your story, gaining your voice and sharing your story.

  6. Energize. Motivate and cheer you on each step in the new dimension along the Change Process with energetic celebrations for milestones achieved, rewards and incentives for the desired behaviour, and other positive reinforcement tactics to sustain the Change. 

  7. Elevate. Welcome your promotion, prosperity, advancement, and growth unselfishly and with great excitement; developing the grit and passion for pursuing the Vision with a Vow to thrive and never give up.

  8. Emerge. Let your success shine to illuminate and ignite Change in others, so they too can elevate. Now it is your turn to mentor and coach someone, so they also can evolve and emerge!

I cannot move the ball forward with positive, nurturing leadership until I engage with those I am blessed to lead. Once I’ve engaged with them, I am able to educate and equip. Throughout the process, it is essential to encourage, empower, and energize in order to finally elevate the people around me.
— Tony Dungy, The MentorLeader: Secrets to Building People and Teams That Win Consistently, co-authored with Nathan Whitaker.
As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.
— Bill Gates